Innovation Matrix

Careful evaluation of drivers for Success. GFI has developed an series of benchmarks against which to analyze innovation potential. The drivers are wide ranging and some are more applicable than others in each case. In any event, few innovations / brands “tick” all the boxes and therefore overall assessment is driven more by a balance across a number of drivers.


  • Fit with customer trends
  • Market growth rates
  • Importance to retailers / customers
  • Proximity to other categories for stretch
  • Competitor profile and activity
  • Pool of profit available


  • Branded sales share and mix
  • Scale of individual brands in portfolio
  • Nice, regional, national or international brands
  • Brand metrics incl. penetration, advocacy, repeat purchase, ability to lead pricing
  • Balance of above and below spend


  • Products in the right segment of the category (size / growth)
  • Product differentiation / value add
  • Appropriate NPD (big wins vs small plays)
  • Overall right production, right product quality and sustainability.


  • Win with the winners
  • Customer margins
  • Customer concentration
  • Route to market capabilities across all buying occasions.
  • Performance vs expectations
  • T&C


  • Depot network
  • Sourcing and supply chain expertise, security and volatility of supply side
  • Capacity
  • Opportunity for cost reduction (supply chain)
  • Service levels
  • T&C for suppliers and customers

Company & financials

  • Shareholder objectives
  • Company strategy and focus
  • Margins and levels of support
  • Management and employees
  • Financial strength
  • Growth opportunities
  • Company and shareholder structure
  • Working capital

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