Partner Network

The value proposition and individual business objectives needs to be clear GFI creates value through co-creation

  • GFI has an unbeatable understanding of the EMEA food and beverage market, and are constantly looking for new innovations opportunities together with partners world wide. New market entry mode, concept and positioning, organization structure, logistics etc.

  • Via our highly Experian's creative designers and scientist, we co-create products concepts with our partners. We take gladly calculated risks and make investment in what we believe in.

  • Via our network of manufactures of high quality products, we are able to develop and supply products concepts and assortments that fits the modern consumer.

  • Via our sales representation, GFI put our brand in front of the decision makers in more than 25 new markets looking for brands and propositions. Our local team on the ground bringing the local infrastructure of order to cash, warehousing & logistics and offices .

  • Local presence. Most aspects of business can today be solved with a good wifi connection, however, when it comes to making sure our brand is top priority with +20 local partners across EMEA, it requires easy access to the local markets and the ability to meet regularly and when needed.

  • Greenfield creates the business and values. Our business are based on human relations and our model is 100% transparent. We disclose all relevant information to our business partners and are focusing on long term relationship and friendship.

  • Brand owner mentality and understanding what creates value for GFI and our partners based on sustainability in all respects'.

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